What is Coaching?


Coaching pole sports is about helping participants to take part safely in the sport and help them achieve their goals, whatever they may be.  Often people decide to compete in a competition as a challenge but don’t really know where to start with their preparations.  This is where a coach can be a great help.  They can help you to plan your training, monitor your progress and teach you how to compete or just get fit and have fun.. 


We have four levels of instructor coaching programmes to improve standards as well as continued professional development courses to help coaches achieve and improve throughout their career.


Level 1 - The role of the Level 1 coach is a basic to intermediate level of delivering aspects of coaching sessions. A level 1 certificate can also give the participant a good foundation knowledge in a subject such as competition organisation or the code of points code.

Level 2 - The role of the Level 2 coach is to prepare for, deliver and review coaching sessions. The technical pole knowledge required is around intermediate to advance level, and this coach will be able to plan a short series of linked lessons.

 一级 - 一级教练扮演的是中级辅导课程的基础角色。一级证书还可以给参与者提供良好基础知识,如在竞争组织或评分标准等方面。

2级 - 二级教练的角色是准备、交付和审查辅导课程。所需的技术钢管知识为中等水平到先进水平,二级教练能够规划一系列短期的相关课程。

Level 3 - The role of the Level 3 coach is to plan, implement, analyse and revise annual coaching programmes This coach has a technical knowledge at around elite level. This coach could also “mentor” Level 2 coaches who needed support.

Level 4 - IPSF Level 4 coaches will be visionary and knowledgeable decision makers who display exceptional skills, behaviours and the highest professional and ethical standards. They will advance their own and others’ development; lead cutting-edge programmes, or a specialist part of a programme; and make a positive impact on sport performance and behaviour.

3级 - 三级教练是规划、实施、分析和修改年度辅导课程。三级教练拥有精英水平的技术知识。三级教练也可以“辅导”需要帮助的二级教练。

4级 - IPSF4级教练是富有远见、知识渊博的决策者,他们展现出非凡的技能、拥有极好的动作和最高的职业和道德标准。他们会推动自己和别人的发展;领导尖端课程,或在课程中扮演专家的角色;并对运动表现和行为产生积极的影响。


What is judging?


Judging pole sports as an IPSF judge is about maintaining excellent standards of judging for all participants in this sport.  Athletes compete from regional to international level with trust and faith in the scoring system and complete confidence in the highly trained judges.  Being an IPSF judge means having a responsibility to athletes, coaches, spectators and officials by acting with integrity and honesty at all times.


We have 3 levels of judging courses as well as continued professional development courses to help judges improve and achieve throughout their career.


Level 1 - This is an introductory course for judges who wish to get an understanding and basic foundation of the scoring system before taking the full training course. 

 1级 - 这是裁判的入门课程,这些裁判希望在进行完整的培训课程之前,了解评分系统。

第三级 - 本课程面向希望通过成为首席法官来提高知识和专业知识的法官。 校长负责比赛的各个方面。

Level 2 - The role of a Level 2 judge is to gain the technical  knowledge required to judge in all aspects of IPSF competitions by having a complete practical understanding and application of judging in all sections.

2级 - 2级裁判是通过全面的实际理解和评判的应用,获得IPSF竞赛所有方面的技术知识,以便进行评判。

Level 3 - This course is for judges who wish to further their knowledge and expertise by becoming a head judge. The head judge is responsible for all aspects of competitions.

3级 - 本课程面向希望通过成为首席裁判,来扩充知识和专业的裁判。首席裁判负责比赛的各个方面。

What are CPD courses?


CPD stands for Continued Professional Development or CEC which is Continuing Education Credits in the USA and Australia. These are add on or bolt on courses at each coaching level that will help to develop a coach's skill and knowledge. In a sport such as pole that is continually evolving it is important that a coach keeps his or her skills currant. CPD courses are generally specialised courses, classes or workshops and enhance the level 1, 2, 3 and 4 qualifications and certificates. Unlike qualifications, these courses allow coaches improve knowledge quickly and effectively. A coach will be required to take part in CPD in order to remain listed on the EPIC website.


Judges are also required to take part in CPD judging courses 3 x per year to remain on the IPSF Register. This is to retain and improve judging skills and remain up to date in all sections.



What is Pole Judging?

What is Coaching?

Level 1 - Code of Points

Level 1 - Anatomy & Physiology

Level 1 - Pole Sports Coach

Level 1 - Competitions Org

Level 2 - Judging

Level 2 - Judges Re-cert

Level 2 - Aerial Yoga

Level 2 - Youth Coaching

Level 2 - Safeguarding

Level 3 - Head Judge

Level 4 - Master Training Programme

Continuing Professional Development - CPD




1级-评分标准 1级-解剖学与生理学 1级-钢管运动辅导 1级-竞争组织 

2级-裁判 2级-裁判重新认证 2-空中瑜伽 2-青年辅导 2-安全措施 

3-首席裁判 4-大师培训方案


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